9 Reasons Why Start-ups Fail ?

9 reasons Why Start-ups Fail
9 Reasons Why Start-ups fail


Most entrepreneurs think they’re building the next big thing.In reality, over 90% of them fail According to BLS Report approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years.9 out 10 businesses fail 2 out of 10 businesses failed in first year of operations (Source: Bureau of labour) below is the reasons 9 Reasons Why Start-ups fail

9 Reasons  Why Start-ups fail ?

Poor marketing :

The major reason for failure is poor marketing for the product. The founders forget  about marketing, nowadays the customers are more intelligent  without awareness they are not buying any products, without giving any promotion they are expecting more sales how can this possible! Nowadays without promotion or without marketing it is very difficult to survive.

  Running out of Money :

A key job of the CEO is to understand how much cash is left and whether that will carry the company to a milestone that can lead to a successful financing. without financial planning it is very difficult to run a business . CEO should know minimum financial management but they are not focusing on that, they are only focusing on money, I think  they expect after starting business they want more profits .

Product cost :

Sometimes this is also one main reason to fail. The business owners are not fixing proper prices  according to competition they are fixing according to their  plans.
Customers buy only if that product’s quality is good and the price is less, almost all customers looking at this only if product cost is more they will move on to the next best product.

Lack of capital 

Sometimes employees play a big role in the success of the company, but in Some startups hiring simply without testing the employees  knowledge  or I think they are not focusing on knowledge for a particular position. If your planning to start new means please this is my experience i am sharing please Don’t hire freshers go with some experienced employees. 

Management Problems 

Almost 10% of startups fail  because of a poor management team.They are usually poor at execution, which leads to issues with the product not getting built correctly or on time, and the go-to market execution will be poorly implemented.

Time management

Better time management  allows the completion in a shorter period of time. If you don’t have time management very difficult to achieve the goals,in this world you need to work smarter, if your if your not using your time properly obviously you knew what is the  final output company  so please focus on time and complete your all work or take decision in short period no need to spend long hours or long days.

More competition 

According to a survey 15% of startups fail because of this . for startups yes more competition in the market if they are not making proper plans means sure they will fail in the market. Actual reason for failure is they try to win competitors and they try to win market share by cutting the cost of the products,if your product is worth it means why you need to reduce instead of reducing the price just change the strategies.

Not Focusing on customers 

  We know customer  is the king the market, startups are hurry in making more money but they forgetting real kings or some time they don’t know who is our customers  so before launching any product or service please understand who are the our customer in which age group. Some startups focus only there community may be that’s the one reason.

common Reasons why startup failure

9 Reasons Why Start-ups fail
9 Reasons Why Start-ups fail

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